About Our Water Wells

2 inch wells – we can install a 2” sandpoint well down to 200 feet using stainless steel pipes and screens. For use with an above-ground centrifugal pump.

4 inch wells – With higher flows than 2” wells, the 4” well can accommodate a submersible pump.

6 inch wells – In some situations it is possible for us to drill a 6” well. We can do this at a much lower cost than the other drilling companies with large drill rigs.

Our compact well machine can maneuver into small spaces that the other rigs can’t access. Its low weight and track system prevents damage to your lawn. The process involves sonic drilling, so there is no mess.

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Our services include but are not limited to:

Water well drilling
Exploratory drilling
Well cleaning
24-hour emergency service

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Our Service area includes:

Harrison Hot Springs
Ryder Lake
Columbia Valley
Maple Ridge
We can also work outside of our normal service area upon special request.

About Us

The History and Business Philosophy of Peters Well Drilling Ltd.

At Peters Well Drilling, we are dedicated to delivering quality products and professional service.

Our History

Our company was started in 1956 by Henry Peters, who primarily installed wells for his neighbours and friends in the Greendale area. These wells were drilled using an A-Frame and an old Case tractor. He carried all his supplies on a hay wagon. In 1971, he built his own pounding machine, which was converted from an old hay baler. In 1982, the company was taken over by Henry’s son, Richard Peters, who serviced much of the same clientele and added water treatment to his services. In 2005, Albert Oostenbrink, a certified pump installer and a certified drilling technician, purchased the business and Richard stayed on staff for 3 more years. Albert is known for being friendly and as a service provider who will always strive to make his customers happy. Albert has since sold Peters Well Drilling to his 4 brothers at Southern Irrigation, making him the 5th brother to be a partner at Canada’s top irrigation company. Albert continues to make customers happy in his new role as “Customer Relations.”

We Are Customer Focused and Eco-Friendly

Over the years of servicing our customer base throughout the Fraser Valley, we have updated our equipment with the latest in well drilling technology. Our well rig is a sonic track machine; a compact track mounted, sonic drill that allows quick mobile access to a variety of hard-to-reach locations, which eliminates damage to your lawn & landscaping. Best of all, we are qualified by the Ministry of the Environment to drill wells in BC.

Count on Us for Prompt and Conscientious Service

We’re also careful to observe and practice the upmost safety procedures on the job to keep our crew safe and prevent damage to your property.




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